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Creating Alpha Teams

Dog Evolution Inc. in Orange County offers corporate events. The photograph has David Utter, CEO of Dog Evolution (Left) and Robert Grant, CEO of Alphaeon (Right). Corporate events are an excellent retreat for the international managers at Alphaeon, Irvine based company learning about creating more competitive alpha management teams. Dog Evolution lectured how dog packs domestic and wild work together through body language, vocal tones, environmental space relationships and energy on both sides of the quantum mirror of physics (Matter and anti-matter). Within this communication system people can learn how they create their destiny. In a competitive world learn learn how a dominant force can create success. Dog training can teach your business to be competitive.  

Home Owners Associations

Dog Evolution has given seminars for home owners associations regarding dog training and behavior modification. Many HOA's are concerned with dog bites, barking and insurance claims. Introducing solid training principals for reliable dog obedience is important to the community. Great Park Neighborhoods Community Association in Irvine CA employed Dog Evolution to educate their home owners regarding dog safety and public nuisance with dogs. 

Obedience Training for Dogs at Work

Imagine having all the dogs allowed to go to work with your employees are certified at a high level of dog obedience. Corporate group training classes for dogs at work can avoid conflicts. Learning how to know and manage your dogs personality in public spaces that are small is important. We setup a certification program and company rules for policies and procedures for dogs at work.  

Special Needs Schools for Children

Port View Preparatory Charter School for special needs children located in Yorba Linda and Ontario has employed Dog Evolution for their service dog assistants program. Their German Shepherd named Oliver has become the new addition to the school. Oliver is helping children in many ways to better cope with every day life. Inquire about our service dog training for special needs children. Emotional support dogs or service dogs for a disability we offer both in our program. 

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