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Many people suffer a physical or mental disability. Inquiring to get professional help for a service dog requires waiting many years and a lengthy approval process. Service dogs perform tasks for a disability that requires additional help from the dog. Medically diagnosed psychiatric or physical changes to the person make them eligible to have specialized service dogs. We help fund the training for our military veteran service dogs program with donations. Many donations are from our own clients. 

Special needs children with autism benefit from service dogs. Inquire about our service dog training for special needs children and schools.

Dog Evolution has trained dogs for many tasks to aid military, veterans and civilians. The process needed to be simplified with 2 to 3 year waiting lists for a service dog. Approval to be eligible for a service dog can take time with several loop holes that do not benefit our military active duty or veterans. Many of our military veterans have been taking their own lives at a higher rate than in combat due to PTSD and the lack of compassion and action. 

Civilians are also welcome to inquire about certifying a service dog. 

Each dog when certified is registered with Dog Evolution. You will receive an ID card, certification and a $25,000 insurance policy if damages are a result of the dog.

Our Process for approval made simple:   

1) Have a verifiable letter from the Department of Defense of your medical condition. Civilians need a doctors letter.

2) Contact us with your information and the task needed for the service dog. The more information the better.

3) Tell us if you have a dog that you would like to be assessed for certification or do we need to locate a dog for you. We do have dogs donated to us that may be a perfect match.

4) Set an appointment for your fist evaluation. One hour is needed for the training evaluation. Military veterans do not pay for the services. Civilians pay $150.00 for the one hour dog training

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