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Dog training with dog logic. Dog aggression behavior rehabilitation. Dog obedience, service dogs and dog boarding training. David Utter, CEO certified dog trainer by a marquise title holder. Voted #1 dog trainer school by CBS 2014. Professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals.#P4780. 30 years working experience incorporated and insured. Certified dog trainer & dog behaviorist. 

Service Dogs


Service dogs for military veterans, civilians and special needs children. Best results are from dog boarding training programs. Our dogs graduate with the highest level of dog obedience found in the dog training industry standard. Expect our dog behaviorist training methods to be unique and extremely affective. 

Corporate Events


Our services extend to corporations looking for the extra edge. Presentations by our dog trainer and dog behaviorist designed for the corporate world with dogs at the work environment. Parks, recreation areas, pet expo's, neighborhood homeowners associations and rescue groups. Dog psychology and how people can learn from dogs in their personal and professional lives. Team building with dog pack mentality. 

Dog Training

Dog Logic

We emphasize in our philosophy the genetic code of dogs as a path to successful training. Have no doubt the universe was created without our opinion. We cannot compare ourselves to dogs. To be humane we must acknowledge dog logic and avoid confusion. This is when a true dog behaviorist can help you understand.

Service Dogs Fund Raiser

Our goal is to provide service dogs to our military veterans who cannot afford a service dog. Dog Evolution accepts donations to sponsor a service dog. We work directly with the military to locate veterans and train a dog that matches the service task needed. Donating our time and sponsor money allows veterans to get a service dog faster and free of charge. Only a documented medical letter for a mental or physical disability is required to start our program. Available to current military enlisted soldiers and retired veterans. Our certified dog trainer & dog behaviorist will work with you and your dog during dog boarding training.

Making Dogs Safe In Public

Dog Evolution dog trainer, trains people as much as the dogs. Understanding your dog's personality and training level passed can determine how far you can go exposing your dog in public places. Offices have small tight spaces that can trigger unwanted dog behavior close to human contact. The liability in the workplace can be high. Homeowners Associations have strict CCR's regulating dog breeds, weight, behavior and access to common areas. Our services offer testing and training of dogs to be certified to be in public spaces. Including policies and procedures for handling dogs.

Corporate Alpha Training

Dog Evolution offers corporate alpha team training by our certified dog trainer & dog behaviorist. The seminar is 90 minutes and teaches people how dog packs work together in various leadership roles. A psychological approach to management teams to be more competitive and dominate their competition. Utilizing environment, sociology and energy to communicate. 

Board & Train Your Dog

Dog training can be effective only when the dog owner has enough time and skill level to work with the dog. Dog boarding training is an excellent option to accelerate the learning process. We offer dog behavior modification by our dog behaviorist, service dog training and obedience training by our certified dog trainer.   

The Dog Training Standard

Unfortunately the expectations of a dog trainer and a trained dog standard have fallen below safety levels. Dogs today are given excuses by their owners and the standard is very low. Many owners tell their dogs many times to obey and the dog challenges back. This creates a safety issue for the dog and human. The training system must be at the highest standard and allow for only one verbal command expected to be followed. Your dog needs a dog behaviorist that speaks dog. Make an appointment for dog boarding training with a consultation and see in one session the difference in your dog's behavior.

KTLA5 Dog Trainer Dog Behaviorist David Utter

Dog Evolution CEO David Utter demonstrating a unique concept for working with a powerful dog. Based on a proprietary neurological training technique.  Get a certified dog behaviorist who understands working breeds. Dog aggression rehabilitation or excessive barking we fix the problem.

Public Figures

As a dog trainer and dog behaviorist I work with many public figures. Celebrities and billionaires have trusted my experience and client privacy. Natasha Bedingfield song writer and singer dog training with her son. Puppy training, small dogs, potty training, behavior rehabilitation we offer all services. 

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